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Sunday morning, there will be some epic hangovers in the Hamptons. On Saturday night, Ivan L. Wilzig — better known as Sir Ivan — will hold his annual costume bash at his huge Water Mill, LI, castle complete with its own dungeon. Sir Ivan, 58, a musician known for his remixes of ’60s free-love songs, has been hosting the parties for more than 15 years. They are notoriously over the top and scandalous, and orgies are widely rumored. Here, he shares some favorite party memories: • For a 2004 record release party, Sir Ivan wanted to spread a message of peace, so, he says, “I had a dozen little people dressed as Oompa Loompas . . . to show that everyone — tall, short — can get along.” • In 1997, Sir Ivan’s Jungle Masquerade Ball lured both Donald and Ivana Trump, despite the fact the fact they’d bitterly divorced five years earlier. “They were in the same VIP area on the second floor,” says Ivan, “but they didn’t talk to each other the whole night.” • In 2012, Sir Ivan managed to make Playboy bunnies look tame by requiring guests to come dressed as “exotic animals” or “bizarre creatures.” “The best one was a girl completely body painted like a tiger,” he says. “She really looked like a tiger, just a very sexy one.”


La La Land in the Hamptons

by Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave (for full story click the link below)

And suddenly it was Labor Day! The seemingly endless Hamptons weekends filled with charity events came to a screeching halt just like that. Even though I adore great parties, what I’ll miss most are the long beach walks when I stroll for hours through isolated stretches of pristine beach passing seagull nesting areas scattered with driftwood and grand beach mansions with their decorative weathervanes. Of course, there’s always the Hamptons Film Festival to look forward to (coming up on Columbus Day weekend). Here’s a little look back, a roundup of glamorous events in August.

Probably the most unusual charity party of the summer was La La Land thrown by Sir Ivan……
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Sir Ivan Presents La La Land New Single And Music Video Release Party

Burning Man Meets Camelot

That’s what you get when you take eight giant ladybug sculptured cars that change colors and scatter them all over the grounds of a medieval fortress in the Hamptons. On top of that, a 30 horse carousel increased the magical atmosphere of ‘La La Land,’ the theme of the party and the name of my new single and music video.

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Sir Ivan takes a spin on the Merry Go Round with hotness at the La La Land Release Party

SUMMER NIGHTS in the HAMPTONS : La La Land Castle Decadence

At any other location, the crowd would have garnered triple-takes as it filtered down the driveway. Wrapped in feather boas, disguised in Venetian masks, scantily clad and ornamented in head-to-toe body paint: this was not your average set of partygoers. As the guests approached Sir Ivan’s castle, they paused to pick up drinks at the bar, marvelling meanwhile at the color-changing, ladybug-shaped golf carts festooning the property.  Armed with their beverages of choice, they were now ready to fete the release of Sir Ivan’s latest single and music video, “La La Land.” a perfect HAMPTONS summer close to remember…-

A decadent evening of events, La La Land Released…

by Brigitte Segura For the full article click here :


Sir Ivan Wilzig’s Medieval Madness B-Day Bash

Hamptons: Guest Of A Guest, published 7-19-11, written by Maggie McGlinchy

So we already told you all about Sir Ivan “Peaceman” Wilzig and his party throwing ways, but just in case you still needed to get a better feel of what exactly is going on behind those castle walls, we have a few photos to help you out. Last Saturday he threw a medieval themed soiree for Mina Otsuka. Looks… interesting

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Sir Ivan’s Medieval Madness Party

There were Court Jesters, little people, Rapunzel, fire eaters, drinks were served in chalices, wonderful music was provided by DJ Lee Kalt, and I even saw a wizard! For those of you who are not familiar with Sir Ivan he is is a musician who is best known for techno remixes, and the founder of the nonprofit Peaceman Foundation (where he spreads peace through partying-Mo approves).  He is notorious for throwing amazing parties in the Hamptons at his castle which is considered to be the “Playboy Mansion of the East Coast”. The castle even has an authentic medieval dungeon that was on display like a museum exhibit- very naughty.  He hath goods enough!

Click Here to see more photos from Sir Ivan’s Medieval Madness Party.






Sir Ivan to Unveil Dragon Goddess Sculpture at His Castle

Gimme Shelter, by Jennifer Gould Keil, ran in the New York Post on 2-17-11

We hear . . . That recording artist/caped philanthropist Ivan Wilzig, also known as Sir Ivan, is unveiling a dragon goddess statue by Roby Braun at his 15,000-square-foot medieval-style castle in Water Mill. It will sit in the center pool and be illuminated by the castle’s flaming bowls.



Party Addict Dies Surrounded by Half Naked Beauties!

I’ve been friends with all three gentleman for many years, and I’m sure had I ever owned a large home instead of just an apartment in Miami Beach, I would have qualified to be the 4th musketeer.

I started off the evening very achy, not feeling well, thinking it was from just having played my first competitive game of basketball in years, but then I felt myself developing a sore throat and fever. 

Yet, being a professional partier I held in there, literally watching hundreds of the sexiest women on earth parade by. If Victoria’s Secret had sexy “devils” instead of “angels,” these girls would have qualified. Brazilians, Italians, Colombians, Argentineans, Russians, and more. Name a country and it had at least one half-naked bombshell representing it. After observing more than an eyeful, I departed early, knowing that if I got any sicker I would miss the opportunity to follow up with some of the more flirtatious ones the next day. And we wouldn’t want that to happen…would we?

Life at best is short. PARTY TILL YOU DIE! 
-Sir Ivan aka Peaceman
“The Party King of the World”