Sir Ivan Presents World Premiere of Award-Winning Music Video 'Get Together' Exclusively on Youtube

Earning a prestigious award held also by the likes of film titans Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg is certainly not what International recording artist Sir Ivan set out to do, but due to his incredibly unique concept, that is precisely what happened.

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Sir Ivan creates MegaMix competition to help out-of-work DJ's amid COVID-19

International, Billboard Top 10 recording artist Sir Ivan, aka Peaceman, has been fighting a decades-long campaign to spread his message of peace, love, and unity; on a journey that has circled the globe numerous times. While normally, Peaceman is fighting for world peace, he also realizes that peace-of-mind during a financially-impacting crisis is also something that he could step up and help with.

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Sir Ivan performs latest release 'Get Together' at his Erotic Patriotic Party

Sir Ivan performs his latest released single 'Get Together' at the Erotic Patriotic Party he threw for a very lucky list of 400 invitees.

His performance was immersive and completely integrated with the Indepdence Day theme, complete with red, white, and blue "Cryotit Girls" to keep his audience cool during the entire show. The show was set at his medieval castle in the Hamptons of New York where his fans were shuttled in for this very festive and unique performance during the holiday weekend.

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