Business Insider: Go inside a former banker turned musician's drone-guarded 'Sinful 60' party at the 'Playboy Mansion of the Hamptons'

Ivan Wilzig, known as Sir Ivan, is many things. Former banker. Electropop dance artist. Philanthropist. Reality star.

And now, apparently, God.

The personality threw himself a 60th birthday party at his 15,000 square foot home which has been called "The Playboy Mansion of the Hamptons". He called it his "Sinful 60" party, complete with a Biblical "Garden of Eden" theme.

Wilzig may now be 60, but if this shindig is any indication, he's not slowing down any time soon.

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Sir Ivan

Banker–turned–singer, reality TV celebrity and social activist Ivan Wilzig has led a life that Hollywood movies are made of. After twenty years of working in his family’s multi-billion dollar commercial banking business and serving on the bank’s Board of Directors, Ivan left the banking world, reinvented himself as recording artist Sir Ivan, and against all odds became a Top Ten Billboard Magazine Recording Artist.